Rugby Union – Rockcliff 14-10 Hartlepool


Congratulations to Rockcliff on an amazing home win!

Find the photographs from the game on the Zander Photography Website, and on the Zander Photography Facebook Page.

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Winter Graduation 2010


Students from Newcastle University have been graduating today, in the freezing cold and snow.

I was roaming around, offering an alternative to the formal shots, working with the Alumni Association, trying to keep in touch with our students before they leave.

Families and individuals were offered a free photo, in return for their email address, and it seemed to go down a treat.

If you want to keep in touch with the University, be sure to update your details here

Bryden and Margaret’s Wedding


Congratulations to thee newly weds, Brydon and Margaret, after an awesome wedding!

Although the snow was threatening the wedding, everyone pulled together, and through lots of help from friends and family, the wedding was an absolute success.

Te After spending a great day with Brydon and Margaret, we got some great shots. Be sure to checkout to see them.

The photo booth was a massive success, to be sure to look check them out here!

Angel of the North

More photos to follow.

Today was a hectic day for most, with heavy snow fall in the North East. It was also an oppertunity for me to induldge in some photography. So when the evening came, and the sunset began, I trudged through the snow to the Angel of the North.

All of the photos I upload will be at full resolution, so feel free download them for your desktop wallpaper.

Let hope for more snow, and hopefully, some more photos!